A Wasteful Society

Pope Francis on his election

Upon the election of His Holiness Pope Francis he was asked to remember the poor and he took the name of Francis to help this Poor Church. As, I reflected on the poverty of the Church I realize that he was right, the Church, the Body of Christ is poor. What kind of poverty? A poverty of misinformation, a poverty that kills the soul, a poverty that we choose to not to enrich, a poverty that we decide on own accord to waste. Waste!!! The Culture of Waste as Pope Francis coins says “This “culture of waste” tends to become a common mentality that infects everyone.”

Let us see an example of this culture of waste: In a poll done by CARA- a national, non-profit, Georgetown University affiliated research center that conducts social scientific studies about the Catholic Church, they asked Catholics how often they attended Confession, they came to three conclusions:

  1. “Three-quarters of Catholics report that they never participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation or that they do so less than once a year”

  2. About one in eight Catholics (12 percent), participate in Reconciliation once a year and an identical proportion do so several times a year.

  3. Two percent report that they participate in Reconciliation at least once a month.(Source)

If we want to talk about being wasteful this is a perfect example. Pope Francis, in his homilies in Rio, and recently in his video message to the pilgrimage of St. Cayetano, he explains that we must go to with the Church to the encounter with Christ, and we must help others have this encounter with Christ.  This is exactly what we are wasting here.   We are wasting an opportunity to have an encounter with the Lord in forgiveness where we can learn how to forgive others.

Every time we deny ourselves to a Sacrament specifically the Sacrament of the Eucharist and Confession we deny that we were made to be with God in this life and the next; we deny that we belong to Him and rest in Him. That’s what we deny when we cling to this culture of Waste.

I invite you to be just like Blessed John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis to be counter-cultural! to go against the waves and tides of this culture and use our resources to be with God.

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