Beauty that Attracts

When I first started dating my then girlfriend, I was captivated by her beauty, inside and out. I remember vividly that first of November that we stood in the atrium of our school talking for almost 3 hours on purity and chastity, and we went to Mass afterwards–our first date, as I see it now.

Though my girlfriend is indeed very beautiful, what attracted me the most about her was her inner beauty, and by “inner” I mean the Faith she has for God and the love she has for her neighbor.

In our contemporary world we have beauty everywhere, we are surrounded by this intense beauty that makes us fall in love and have all sorts of emotions. Most importantly, beauty attracts, and when beauty and holiness go hand-in-hand there is a desire to follow it and consequently be consumed by it.

It is no coincidence, then, that there’s a strong desire to know what the Pope is doing and not doing. (I am referring to the Office of the Pope). In following his activities, we see that beauty of humility, honesty, and most importantly authentic love for God, and it sparks a desire to know more about the Pope. John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and now Francis express this love, this beauty and holiness, all of which attract people, especially the youth. This helps explain the popularity of World Youth Day. There, we witness this action of how to serve Our Lord and serve our neighbors; how to confess His love and how to express that love to the world.

Beauty and holiness captivate us, makes us eager to know more to be immerse and be witnesses. When Faith is presented with such humility like we have witnessed the Vicar of Christ and that witness ignites vocations and the domino effect takes place. More holy vocations, holy parishioners, holy parishioners turn to holy families, holy families turn to a society that’s onward on the journey!

I echo the words of Blessed John Paul II, “Do not be afraid” of seeking the authentic beauty that leads to holiness,  do not be afraid to chase beauty and holiness, do not be afraid to seek God.

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