Confirmation and the Challenge

Last Saturday, I had yet again the privilege of witnessing a group of young men and women be fully initiated to the Catholic Church.

That day reinforces what my apostolate is and what I need to do for it. I’m sure instructors and students celebrate because they are no longer required to attend meetings, classes, practices, retreats, log service hours, and show up for a litany of activities. I honestly think that the hardest task for me is not keeping up with the students and involving them in the parish after the Confirmation sessions are over. In fact, I think it is harder because they, the students, will be looking up to you, checking if YOU were at Mass, or other activities in the parish. This does happen.  I once was given a hard time when I couldn’t show up to Adoration and my students saw fit to point it out!

Upon the receiving of the sacrament, the students are no longer students.  They become companions in this pilgrimage, and they are looking for people to help them down the path of our faith.  You and I need to answer that call. Are you ready?

Did the CCD/RE instructor help you be more involved in the parish when you were done with your sacrament program? Answer in the Combox!

FYI, after the Confirmation Mass, I had a large congratulatory glass of wine with Bishop Rojas!

Me and a student who was fully initiated into the Church

Rene and a student who was fully initiated into the Church on June 8th


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