A Wasteful Society

Pope Francis on his election

Upon the election of His Holiness Pope Francis he was asked to remember the poor and he took the name of Francis to help this Poor Church. As, I reflected on the poverty of the Church I realize that he was right, the Church, the Body of Christ is poor. What kind of poverty? A poverty of misinformation, a poverty that kills the soul, a poverty that we choose to not to enrich, a poverty that we decide on own accord to waste. Waste!!! The Culture of Waste as Pope Francis coins says “This “culture of waste” tends to become a common mentality that infects everyone.” Continue reading


Beauty that Attracts

When I first started dating my then girlfriend, I was captivated by her beauty, inside and out. I remember vividly that first of November that we stood in the atrium of our school talking for almost 3 hours on purity and chastity, and we went to Mass afterwards–our first date, as I see it now. Continue reading

Why Was I A Catechist…


Me and a student who was fully initiated into the Church

Me and a student who was fully initiated into the Church

This is the story of how I came be a catechist.  It’s simple and nothing out of the ordinary – at least I think so.

How many of you have had to do service hours for in order to get confirmed? Count me amongst your ranks because I, too, had to do them. I remember being in 8th grade thinking, “Oh man this sucks! Not only do I have to come to CCD, but I also have to help a stranger.” I wanted to get the hours out of the way, so I searched for places to do them. One Saturday after a confirmation session, my uncle invited me to help him out with his own CCD class. I was not too hesitant. I actually remember begging my mom to let me go and help. She complied, and I went. Continue reading

CCD and Corpus Christi Procession

On June 1, the entire CCD program in my parish had a Eucharistic procession. Those who received their First Communion early May were asked to come dressed with their outfit they wore that day (cleaned, of course).

It started our beautiful, then it drizzled and then it pour on us!

What did your parish do for the Feast of Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi Procession Continue reading

Confirmation and the Challenge

Last Saturday, I had yet again the privilege of witnessing a group of young men and women be fully initiated to the Catholic Church.

That day reinforces what my apostolate is and what I need to do for it. I’m sure instructors and students celebrate because they are no longer required to attend meetings, classes, practices, retreats, log service hours, and show up for a litany of activities. I honestly think that the hardest task for me is not keeping up with the students and involving them in the parish after the Confirmation sessions are over. In fact, I think it is harder because they, the students, will be looking up to you, checking if YOU were at Mass, or other activities in the parish. This does happen.  I once was given a hard time when I couldn’t show up to Adoration and my students saw fit to point it out! Continue reading